Launch Best Selling Products On Amazon

The online course that shows you how you can consistently launch products to New Best Sellers on Amazon.


Your Launch Will Make or Break the Success Of Your Product on Amazon

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Step by step through the entire process of launching a New Best Selling Product on Amazon.

How to Build an Off-Amazon Audience

We'll show you how to build an off-Amazon audience for cheap that you can launch your products to

Get More Reviews Quicker

We'll show you exactly how we often get dozens of reviews within days of a product launch and all completely white hat within Amazon's TOS.

Launch Your Products as New Best Sellers

Get immediate sales and traction for your products by learning the secrets to launching your products to the coveted New Best Seller status.

Real Plug and Play Templates

Get access to templates for ClickFunnels, Photoshop, and emails that you can simply plug your product information into and use right away.

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The Amazon Best Seller Course Content

  1. Overview of the Launch Strategy
  2. How to Short List Products
  3. Where and How to Find Lookalike Products
  1. How to Set Up the Clickfunnels Pages
  2. Setting Up Your Product Sales Page In Click Funnels
  3. Setting Up Your Facebook Ads
  4. Setting Up Your Email Funnel
  5. Setting Up Your Winners Email
  6. Setting Up Your Non-Winners Email
  7. Setting Up Amazon Coupon Emails
  1. Amazon Optimization - The Importance of Product Photography
  2. Amazon Optimization - Product Titles
  3. Amazon Optimization - Bullet Points & Descriptions
  4. Amazon Optimization - Turn On Sponsored Products
  5. Amazon Optimization - Turn On Amazon Headline Search Ads
  6. Amazon Optimization - Emailing Your List In Segments
  7. Bonus - Launching To Your Facebook Audience
  8. Bonus - Launching to Influencers
  9. Conclusion

Downloadable Cheat Sheets

Get instant access to our Exclusive Amazon Opt-in, Contest Give-away & Product Sales Templates.


The Amazon Best Seller Course at a Glance

19 HD Lessons

Watch your courses videos on desktop or mobile  when you want in full screen HD.

3 Modules

3 Modules for: Creating a plan, Validating your product, Amazon product launch.

4 Swipe Files

Download the Email Optin, Coupon Optin, Product Sales and Contest Giveaway Templates.

Bonus Walkthroughs

Learn to launch your products to your Social Audience and to Influencers.

Learn Amazon Domination from Million Dollar Sellers

Mike & Dave will show you exactly how they grew their successful brands using their own multi-million dollar businesses as examples.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

Of course. We offer a full 30-Day money back guarantee on all purchases.

Can I access all of the courses and content right away?

Yes! You can access all of the content right away. There are no dripped lessons.

Is your content up to date?

Our content is consistently updated to reflect the most up to date tactics for 2019.

Who are Mike and Dave?

We are recognized ecommerce leaders and frequent industry speakers at events. Each year we sell over 8 figures annually and have sold businesses for over $1million. More importantly, we're passionate teachers dedicated to building sustainable ecommerce brands.


16 Lessons of Advanced Brand Building Strategies

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