How to Build a Profitable eCommerce Brand

Without a strong brand, your eCommerce business won't last. In this course we'll show you how we built real long lasting brands that have sold for more than 7-figures.


Why Branding Is So Important

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Discover the secrets to finding a niche, finding products, and creating a 7 figure product brand.

Find Products & Niches

Learn how do you find products and niches to build your product brand around?

Differentiate Your Products

We'll teach you easy ways that you can use to differentiate your products from all the rest of the competition.

Keep Your Products Profitable

We'll show you how to not just sell a ton of products but also make a ton of profit doing it.

Real World Examples

Get a behind the scenes look at how we develop products from start to finish.

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The 7-Figure Product Brand Course Content

  1. Why Finding Niches is Important
  2. How to Find Niches
  3. Real World Examples: Niches & How to Validate Them
  4. Browsing Category Trees for Websites [Video Walk Through]
  5. Fifth Level Worksheet [Video Walk Through]
  6. Jungle Scout [Video Walk Through]
  1. How to Create a Sustainable Brand: What Works Today
  2. Strategies for Differentiating Your Products
  3. Looking for Imperfect Competition on Amazon (and Reviewing Profitability)
  4. How to Keep Your Products Profitable
  5. Government Regulated Products & Amazon Gated Categories
  6. Intellectual Property: Using Other People's IP to Your Advantage
  7. Other Qualities to look for When Finding & Developing Products
  1. Branding Your Products: Creating a Brand and Not Just a Product
  2. Product Photography & Artwork
  3. How to Develop Great Packaging
  4. Examples from Our Brands: Packaging

Downloadable Cheat Sheets

Get instant access to our Exclusive Vendors Lists, Niche Evaluation Worksheets and Custom Profit Calculators.


The 7-Figure Brand Course at a Glance

16 HD Lessons

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3 Modules

3 Modules for: Niche Research, Products Development & Packaging Design

6 Swipe Files

Download the vendors listing, examples of POs, niche research worksheets and more!

Bonus Walkthroughs

Learn how to use tools like Jungle Scouts and our Secret Fifth Level Worksheet.

Learn Brand Building from Million Dollar Sellers

Mike & Dave will show you exactly how they grew their successful brands using their own multi-million dollar businesses as examples.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

Of course. We offer a full 30-Day money back guarantee on all purchases.

Can I access all of the courses and content right away?

Yes! You can access all of the content right away. There are no dripped lessons.

Is your content up to date?

Our content is consistently updated to reflect the most up to date tactics for 2019.

Who are Mike and Dave?

We are recognized ecommerce leaders and frequent industry speakers at events. Each year we sell over 8 figures annually and have sold businesses for over $1million. More importantly, we're passionate teachers dedicated to building sustainable ecommerce brands.


16 Lessons of Advanced Brand Building Strategies

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