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Learn how the pros import from China. Manufacture your products cheaper, quicker, and with less problems.


Learn how we consistently launch our products to New Best Sellers on Amazon and you can too with your products.

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Release Date: April 30, 2018

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Launch a New Best Seller on Amazon
Find out the strategies we use to consistently launch our products to New Best Seller status that apply them to your product launches.

Replicable Strategies
We'll teach you how you can apply these strategies not to just one product but many products over and over again. 

Real Plug and Play Templates
Get access to templates for Click Funnels, Photoshop, and emails that you can simply plug your product information into and use right away.

How to Build an Off-Amazon Audience
We'll show you how to build an off-Amazon audience for cheap that you  can launch your products to (either for sale on Amazon or off Amazon).  

Get More Reviews Quicker
We'll show you exactly how we often get dozens of reviews within days of a product launch and all completely white hat within Amazon's TOS.

Hours of Video Content
Get access to hours of video content that walks you step by step through the entire process of launching a New Best Selling Product on Amazon.

Unlimited Email Access to Mike & Dave
Have a question before pulling the trigger on your first order? Want to run a product idea by us? Get answers to any questions you have. 

Behind the Scenes View of Our Brands
See real examples from our product brands that you  can apply to your own brand.

Free MyEcomCrew Access
Get free access to MyEcomCrew with hours of bonus videos, dozens of PDFs, and more.

Get a Sneak Preview of the Courses

Introduction to Finding Products, Niches & Building a 7-Figure Brand

Here is a sneak peek of what you'll find inside the course.

Introduction to Importing From China Like a Pro

Here is a sneak peek of what you'll find inside the second course.


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How to find a niche

How to find and differentiate products

How to keep your products profitable

How to validate your products

Real world examples of products and niches

5 easy differentiation techniques

Step by step guide to perfect 5 Star packaging

Unlimited email access to Mike & Dave

Vetted vendors list

Behind the scenes view of our brands

15+ Videos

70 page + Product Brand eBook

Free MyEcomCrew Access




The secrets to getting low MOQs

How to ship your products cheaper & quicker than your competition

Where to find Suppliers outside of Alibaba

5 negotiation hacks to get the lowest prices

Vetted vendors list

Tested strategies to avoid defective products

Unlimited email access to Mike & Dave

Behind the scenes view of our brands

15+ Videos

70 page + Product Brand eBook

Free MyEcomCrew Access



Regular Price

You'll receive immediate access on April 30

Launch your product to an immediate Amazon New Best Seller

How to build an email list for CHEAP to launch your product to

How to build a Facebook audience you can remarket to

STEP BY STEP instructions on how to execute the plan

3 Tested and High Converting email templates you can use for your products

3 Tested and High Converting Click Funnels you can use for your products

15+ Videos

Unlimited email access to Mike & Dave

Behind the scenes view of our brands

Free MyEcomCrew Access




You get everything listed on each of these courses for only $997. That's a savings of over $1000.

Get 24/7 support for all of your ecommerce questions to Mike, Dave, and the entire EcomCrew team.

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This offer includes the following for free:

MyEcomCrew: Access to hours of presentations, hundreds of pages of content, bonus podcasts and much more!

Free Live Event Tickets: Get a free ticket to our Hong Kong Mastermind & other events.


Mentorship from Two Multi-Million Dollar Sellers

How often has your great business idea been stopped dead in its tracks because of one question you didn't know the answer to? Mike and Dave will make sure that never happens again by providing unlimited 1 on 1 access to help answer any questions you might have.

Members Testimonials

"This is an awesome course if you want detailed steps and support on how to import your own products. Dave and Mike provides feedback on your ideas which is incredibly valuable not only for their expertise but to help confirm that you are on the right path when you start having doubts."
Jason Bradley - Crew Member

"Dave and Mike share everything from picking a profitable product, negotiation with suppliers to all the shipping and logistics details you will need to receive your goods. Get this course if you are serious about building your brand."
Abthony N. - Crew Member

"I purchased this course as I didn't really have any experience of eCommerce or importing. What I found was a very comprehensive 'tell it like it is' guide. I'd definitely recommend this course for anyone considering starting an eCommerce business. "
Irene M. - Crew Member

"By far, the best importing course we've come across..."

Casey Reep - Amazon Seller


Join Today and Get Both Courses for $497



You have nothing to worry about. We have a 30 day no questions asked refund policy.


Watch, read, or listen to any lesson on your computer, phone, or other device. Get hours of video and audio and hundreds of pages of written content.


No matter what questions you have about building your brand and importing it from China, we're here to help with 1-on-1 unlimited email access.

Have you already tried launching your first products but failed?

If you've already tried launching products on Amazon or your Shopify store but failed then the chances are good that you were selling the same me too products as everyone else.

In our 7 Figure Brand Building course we’ll teach you how to easily build a defensible brand that’s different than the rest of the competition. We’ll give you are step by step process that we’ve used on multiple brands and hundreds of products that you can apply to your own brand.

Do you want to develop products cheaper and quicker?

More products mean more money. But more products mean more time. If you’ve ever tried launching a new product you know how much time goes into researching, validating and developing products.

In our 7 Figure Brand Building Course we’ll teach you not just how you can launch one product but how you can launch several best seller products or more products a year.

Do you want to start an ecommerce brand but feel like every product has been done before?

Are you hunting through the Jungle looking for products to import by using Amazon research tools but are getting nowhere? Are you still looking for products that sell 500 units per day and have less than 20 reviews? (or whatever formula is hot today?) Then you're doing it completely wrong.

We'll show you the real secret to how multi-million dollar sellers look for products that almost no one else is doing.

Have you imported from China before but had too many problems?

Importing from China is easy. Importing well from China is hard. In our Importing from China course we’ll teach how you to import like the pros. We’ll teach you the secrets to negotiating with suppliers for the lowest prices without sacrificing quality.

Most of all, we’ll show you how to have your orders pushed to the front of the line and expedite shipping without paying a fortune for expensive air shipping.

Have you never imported from China before?

If you’ve never imported from China before but are thinking about it then investing in our Importing from China course will be the most money you’ve ever saved. We’ll teach how to avoid the mistakes almost all new importers make that cost them thousands on poor quality products and expensive shipping.

Your Suppliers in China are one of the most important things to your business and we’ll show you how to find the great suppliers you can build a business around and weed out the bad ones.

Frequent Questions

It might not sound easy, but let the entire EcomCrew help you.


What makes your course different than everyone else?

Our course focuses on building a long-term, sustainable ecommerce business. This doesn't mean digging through Amazon research tools and looking for short-term "China arbitrage" opportunities. It means building a kick ass, defensible product brand.

Do I get private access to Mike and Dave?

Yes! One of the most important things we want to offer students is someone to reach out to when you're presented with hurdles. We offer unlimited email support with any questions you have when building your brand.

I'm not from America, can I still sell on Amazon?

Absolutely. Amazon Seller Central is open to almost every other country in the world and in fact Dave runs a non-American based business.

How much do I need to start my brand?

We've tailored the course to keep in mind some people are starting with $2500 and some people are starting with $250,000. You can start applying the things you learn with just a few hundred dollars but we believe $2500 is a good minimum starting budget.

Isn't it too late to start selling on Amazon?

Not even close. Dave and Mike openly share with you each week on EcomCrew how they continue to launch dozens of new best sellers on Amazon each year. This is a deep dive course on the Amazon selling tactics we use for each of our brands.

Who is the EcomCrew?

Dave and Mike are die hard product and Amazon enthusiasts. Each year they sell millions of dollars worth of product and share their journey openly and candidly each week through the EcomCrew podcast and blog.

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