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External Traffic Secrets

Quit relying on Amazon PPC for product launches and learn how to get better product rankings by sending external traffic to your Amazon listings.

In this course, you'll find:

  1. Introduction: Why External Traffic is Important for Amazon
  2. An Overview of the Critical Ways to Get Traffic
  3. How to Track External Traffic to Amazon
  4. Amazon SEO and URLs Overview
  1. Setting Up Your Tracking Links
  2. Amazon Attribution
  3. Amazon Associates Tracking Links
  4. Sending Traffic to Product Detail Pages vs. "SEO URLs"
  5. How to Create High Converting Landing Pages in Shopify
  1. Introduction to External Traffic
  2. Blogging and SEO Overview
  3. How to Write One Piece of Killer Content
  4. Using Influencers
  5. Google Shopping and Facebook Remarketing


Import from China Like A Pro

Learn how the pros import from China. Get your products cheaper and quicker than your competition, and with less problems.

In this course, you'll find:

  1. Batch Product Development
  2. Why China Creates Low Quality Products
  3. How to Avoid Low Quality Products in China
  4. Secrets to Performing a Third Party Inspection the Right Way
  5. Government Regulated Products on Amazon
  6. Protecting Your Brand In China
  7. Developing Killer Packaging
  1. Answering the Age-Old Question: How Much Should You Order? 
  2. The "Manufacturer Spectrum"
  3. The Golden Areas of China
  4. Red Herrings: Alibaba, Aliexpress, and
  5. The Secrets to Chinese Trade Shows
  6. Little Known Tips on Using Import Records
  7. Negotiating Pricing in China Overview
  8. Your First Order and Sample Negotiation
  9. Negotiating on Re-Orders
  1. Optimizing Shipping Costs to America Overview
  2. Mastering Size Tiers on Amazon
  3. How to Ship into One Container
  4. How to Ship to One Fulfilment Centre
  5. Enrolling & Using Amazon Global Logistics (aka Dragon Boat)
  6. Duties & Taxes Overview
  7. Minimizing Your Duties - Legal & Non-Legal Ways


Launching Your Best Selling Product On Amazon

Learn how we consistently launch our products to New Best Sellers on Amazon so that you too can get those early sales with your products.

In this course, you'll find:

  1. Overview of the Launch Strategy
  2. How to Short List Products
  3. Where and How to Find Lookalike Products
  1. How to Set Up the Clickfunnels Pages
  2. Setting Up Your Product Sales Page In Click Funnels
  3. Setting Up Your Facebook Ads
  4. Setting Up Your Email Funnel
  5. Setting Up Your Winners Email
  6. Setting Up Your Non-Winners Email
  7. Setting Up Amazon Coupon Emails
  1. Amazon Optimization - The Importance of Product Photography
  2. Amazon Optimization - Product Titles
  3. Amazon Optimization - Bullet Points and Description
  4. Amazon Optimization - Turn On Sponsored Products
  5. Amazon Optimization - Turn On Amazon Headline Search Ads
  6. Amazon Optimization - Emailing Your List In Segments
  7. Bonus - Launching To Your Facebook Audience
  8. Bonus - Launching to Influencers
  9. Conclusion


Build Your Next 7 Figure Product Brand

Discover the secrets to finding a niche, finding products, and creating your next 7 figure product brand.

In this course, you'll find:

  1. Why Finding Niches is Important
  2. How to Find a Niche
  3. Real World Examples: Niches & How to Validate Them
  4. Browsing Category Trees for Websites [Video Walkthrough]
  5. Fifth Level Worksheet [Video Walkthrough]
  6. Using Jungle Scout to Find Your Next Niche [Video Walkthrough]
  1. How To Create a Sustainable Brand: What Works Today
  2. Strategies for Differentiating Your Products
  3. Looking for Imperfect Competition on Amazon (and Reviewing Profitability)
  4. How to Keep Your Products Profitable
  5. Government Regulated Products & Gated Amazon Categories
  6. Intellectual Property: Using Other People's IP to Your Advantage
  7. Other Qualities to Look for When Finding & Developing Products
  1. Branding Your Products: Creating a Brand and Not Just a Product
  2. Product Photography & Artwork
  3. How to Develop Great Packaging
  4. Examples from Our Brands: Packaging


Facebook Messenger Course

Learn how to use Facebook Messenger and Many Chat to dominate your next product launch.

In this course, you'll find:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. How Messenger Works
  3. Introducing ManyChat
  4. The Trifecta: Messenger, Pixeled, & Email
  1. Overview of ManyChat
  2. Growth Tools Overview
  3. Broadcasting Overview
  4. Automation & Sequences Overview
  1. How to Get People on Your Messenger List
  2. Creating a JSON Growth Tool for Facebook Ads
  3. Creating Your First Facebook Messenger Ad
  4. (Walkthrough) Creating a JSON Growth Tool
  5. (Walkthrough) Creating a Facebook Messenger Ad
  6. (Walkthrough) Setting Up a Simple Landing Page
  1. Using Broadcasts to Communicate with People
  2. Email Overview & Best Practices
  3. Facebook Remarketing Overview
  4. New Product Launch Strategy (with and without Messenger)
  5. (Walkthrough) Doing a Broadcast
  1. Other Ways to Get People On Your List
  2. Collecting Emails Natively Within Messenger
  3. Using Facebook Comments Advertising
  4. Tags and Custom Fields
  5. Make Your Campaigns Viral with Gleam
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus Video


Flows To Riches - Email Marketing

Optimize your emails and build automated flows that generate revenue day after day effortlessly.

In this course, you'll find:

  1. Why is Email Marketing Important?
  2. Resources
  1. Best Practices for Email
  2. Writing a Killer Subject Line
  3. Writing Actionable Emails
  4. Frequency of Emails 
  1. Flows vs Campaigns
  2. Lists vs Segments
  3. Building a Flow in Klaviyo
  4. Syncing a Segment with Facebook
  1. Mini Course Introduction
  2. Mini Course Design & Hosting
  3. Flow Details
  1. Introduction to the Extended Warranty Flow
  2. Insert Design and Warranty Form
  3. Flow Details
  4. Building a Page in Zipify
  1. Introduction
  2. Lead Magnet
  3. Landing Page
  4. Flow Details

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6 Online Courses
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Access to LIVE Secret Sauce and Q&A webinars
Access to entire library of past and FUTURE webinars

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