Take Your FBA Business From 0 to 100

We cover the basics of selling on Amazon and teach you the secrets that multimillion-dollar sellers use to build profitable and long-term businesses so that you can too.


Amazon SEO Lesson Preview

Mike discusses the secrets of how the Amazon A9 algorithm works so your items can rank quickly to page 1.



Hit the ground running in your FBA journey and avoid the mistakes that come with inexperience.

The Top 5 Things that Determine Success and Failure on Amazon

Over 6+ years of running one of the largest ecommerce blogs and podcasts on the internet and running our own multimillion-dollar brands, we’ve identified 5 recurring patterns of successful and unsuccessful sellers. Knowing these patterns will increase your likelihood of success.

Our Technique to Identify Low Competition, High-Value Keywords

Learn our exact system for identifying low-competition and high-value keywords that you can use to rank easily for both organic and paid search.

How to Get Reviews

You know how important reviews are. We’ll show you our exact ways for generating initial reviews for our products. More importantly, we’ll show you the basics of review grooming to maintain a 4.5-star rating or above for your products.

How to Take Advantage of the Honeymoon Period

Understanding the Honeymoon period within Amazon is critical to ensuring a successful launch of your product.


How to Scale and Sell Your FBA Business for Top Dollar

We’ve scaled and sold multiple multimillion-dollar FBA businesses for millions of dollars. FBA businesses are EXTREMELY sought after by buyers and we’ll show you what exactly buyers are looking for so you can plan your business to be sold for the most

The Peel, Stick, and Block Method for Profitable PPC

Understand the fundamental PPC strategy that nearly every high-volume seller uses on Amazon to structure their advertising campaigns.

Back End Advantage

New sellers realize too late that what the customer sees isn’t what matters most on Amazon. Get to know how to optimize your listings from the back end. It will save you thousands of dollars and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.


BONUS! Immediate Access to
3 Exclusive Webinars

Watch three 90-minute webinar replays where Mike and Dave walk step by step through each lesson and answer questions from course members.

FBA for Beginners Course Content

  1. Introduction
  2. What to Expect from This Course
  3. Amazon SEO Overview
  4. Top 5 things That Determine Success and Failure on Amazon
  5. Creating Your Business, Seller Account, and Initial IP
  6. Must-Have Software Tools
  1. Overview of ASINs and Amazon Catalogs
  2. Barcoding and Labelling Your Items
  3. Step by Step Process for Identifying Killer Keywords
  4. Writing Titles and Bullet Points to Rank on Page 1
  5. Using Amazon Variations the Right Way
  6. The 5 Must-Have Graphics for Your Listings
  7. How to Add Your First Item
  8. How to Use Brand Registry and Its Little Known Functions
  9. Using Back-End Fields to Get Ahead of the Competition
  1. Understanding the Secret Sauce of Amazon Shipping
  2. The Secrets Behind How Amazon FBA Works
  3. Creating a Shipping Plan: A Walk-Through
  1. Reviews: Strategies for Getting Initial Reviews
  2. Early Sales and How to Take Advantage of the Honeymoon Period
  3. Amazon Advertising - The Peel, Stick, and Block System for Structuring Profitable Campaigns
  4. Using Amazon Promotions to Add Rocket Fuel to Your Listings
  5. Review Grooming and Maintaining a 5-Star Product
  1. Important Business Metrics and Reports for Your Growing Business
  2. Avoiding Account and Product Suspensions and Maintaining Account Health
  3. Growing Your Business to 7 Figures and Beyond
  4. How to Sell Your FBA Business

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Exclusive Q&A monthly webinars
Exclusive Secret Sauce webinars
Library of 70+ webinar replays
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Learn How to Win at FBA from Million-Dollar Sellers

Mike and Dave have been in the FBA business for years and run EcomCrew as a platform for established sellers to grow their business even more. They will show you how to start your FBA business right using their multimillion-dollar brands as examples.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you show me how to find a home-run product guaranteed to make me millions?

Nope. This is a marketing course, not a product sourcing and development course. We’ll show you how to launch your product on Amazon to maximize your probability for success. However, we won’t show you how to find a product and import it from China.


Is there a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

Of course. We offer a full 30-Day money back guarantee on all purchases.


Can I access all of the courses and content right away?

Yes, you can access all of the content right away.


Is your content up to date?

Our content is consistently updated to reflect the most up to date tactics for 2022.


Who are Mike and Dave?

We are recognized ecommerce leaders and frequent industry speakers at events. Each year, we sell over eight figures annually and have sold businesses for over $1 million. More importantly, we're passionate teachers dedicated to building sustainable ecommerce brands.


5 Modules on How to Take Your FBA Business from 0 to 100

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