Learn How to Import from China Like a Pro

Go beyond the basics. Find out how to use Amazon Global Logistics, how to maximize inventory turns, our exact sourcing agents, tricks for negotiating on first orders & re-orders, and much more.


Taxes and Duties Lesson Preview

Watch Mike show you how you can minimize your duties when importing from China.


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Advanced importing topics for high volume sellers.

The Secrets to Getting Low MOQs

Spend less money on your first order by learning how we get lower minimum order quantities from Suppliers.

Maximize Inventory Turns

Learn how we keep just weeks of inventory in stock without sacrificing shipping costs to ensure our cash is used effeciently.

Look Outside of Alibaba

Learn how we source outside of Alibaba and finding out the exact sourcing agents we use.

Ship Your Products Cheaper & Quicker than the Competition

Save thousands of dollars on sea and air shipping with our tested shipping strategies (hint: you're almost certainly paying too much on shipping).

Get Your Shipments to One Amazon FC

Are you shipments being divided to multiple Amazon Fulfillment Centers? We'll show you white hat ways to get your shipments to one FC and inform you about the black hat ways too.

Find Your Competitors' Suppliers

Find out your competitors' suppliers even if they're masked under different company names.

Develop Killer Packaging

Learn the exact step by step process to develop killer packaging including boxes, inserts, instructions, and more.

Behind the Scenes View of Our Brands

See real examples from our product brands that you can apply to your own brand.

Importing From China Course Content

  • 1.1 Batch Product Development
  • 1.2 Why China Creates Low Quality Product
  • 1.3 How to Avoid Low Quality Products in China
  • 1.4 Secrets to Performing a Third Party Inspection the Right Way
  • 1.5 Government Regulated Products on Amazon
  • 1.6 Protecting Your Brand In China
  • 1.7 Developing Killer Packaging
  • 2.1 How Much to Order? Maximizing Turns
  • 2.2 - The “Manufacturer Spectrum”
  • 2.3 The Golden Areas of China
  • 2.4 Red Herrings: Alibaba, Aliexpress, and
  • 2.5 The Secrets to Chinese Trade Shows
  • 2.6 Little known tips to Using Import Records
  • 2.7 Negotiating and Pricing in China Overview
  • 2.8 First order and Samples Negotiation
  • 2.9 Negotiating on re-orders
  • 3.1 Optimizing Shipping Costs to America Overview 0 mode_comment
  • 3.2 Mastering Size Tiers on Amazon
  • 3.3 How to Ship into One Container
  • 3.4 How to Ship to One Fulfillment Center
  • 3.4B - Enrolling & Using Amazon Global Logistics (aka Dragon Boat)
  • 3.5 - Duties & Taxes Overview
  • 3.6 Minimizing Your Duties - Legal & Non-Legal Ways

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Are you still hunting for products on Alibaba?

We'll show you step by step how to work with the very best Suppliers in China and give you contact information for our exact sourcing agents.

Learn to scale and exit your business

Mike & Dave will show you exactly how they have built multiple brands from zero and sold them for millions of dollars.


Members Testimonials

"This is an awesome course if you want detailed steps and support on how to import your own products. Dave and Mike provide feedback on your ideas which is incredibly valuable not only for their expertise but to help confirm that you are on the right path when you start having doubts."
Jason Bradley - Crew Member

"Dave and Mike share everything from picking a profitable product, negotiation with suppliers to all the shipping and logistics details you will need to receive your goods. Get this course if you are serious about building your brand."
Anthony N. - Crew Member

"I purchased this course as I didn't really have any experience of eCommerce or importing. What I found was a very comprehensive 'tell it like it is' guide. I'd definitely recommend this course for anyone considering starting an eCommerce business. "
Irene M. - Crew Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Something still needs clarifying? Check the FAQs below.

Is there a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

Of course. We offer a full 30-Day money back guarantee on all purchases.

Is this a beginner or advanced course?

This course is geared towards importers who have already imported from China and looking to scale operations and run their businesses more efficiently. 

What makes your course different than everyone else?

Our course focuses on building a long-term, sustainable ecommerce business. This doesn't mean digging through Amazon research tools and looking for short-term "China arbitrage" opportunities. It means building a kick ass, defensible product brand.

I'm not from America, can I still import into America?

Absolutely. Importing into America is easy as a non-American (even without a U.S. business). We'll show you exactly how.

How much do I need to start importing?

We've tailored the course to keep in mind some people are starting with $2500 and some people are starting with $250,000. You can start applying the things you learn with just a few hundred dollars but we believe $2500 is a good minimum starting budget.

Is your content up to date?

Our content is consistently updated to reflect the most up to date tactics for 2019.

Who are Mike and Dave?

We are recognized ecommerce leaders and frequent industry speakers at events. Each year we sell over 8 figures annually and have sold businesses for over $1million. More importantly, we're passionate teachers dedicated to building sustainable ecommerce brands.


22 Video Lessons on How to Import From China

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