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Introduction to Importing From China Like a Pro

Here is a sneak peek of what you'll find inside the Import From China Like a Pro course.


Do you want to import from China but are worried about wasting money on bad products?

Crappy products from China will sink your ecommerce brand before it even starts. Worse, paying too much for products will stop you from getting any sales in the first place. In this course we’ll teach you the proven system we use to find the best products and get them cheaper and quicker than anyone else.

Have you imported from China before but had too many problems?

Importing from China is easy. Importing well from China is hard. In our Importing from China course we’ll teach how you to import like the pros. We’ll teach you the secrets to negotiating with suppliers for the lowest prices without sacrificing quality.

Most of all, we’ll show you how to have your orders pushed to the front of the line and expedite shipping without paying a fortune for expensive air shipping.

Have you never imported from China before?

If you’ve never imported from China before but are thinking about it then investing in our Importing from China course will be the most money you’ve ever saved. We’ll teach how to avoid the mistakes almost all new importers make that cost them thousands on poor quality products and expensive shipping.

Your Suppliers in China are one of the most important things to your business and we’ll show you how to find the great suppliers you can build a business around and weed out the bad ones. 

Are you still hunting for products on Alibaba?

Are you still searching for products on Alibaba with little or no success? In our course we'll show you why the best Suppliers aren't on Alibaba and how to find them. We'll show you step by step how to work with the very best Suppliers in China with the best products.

Want to learn the secrets to shipping your products from China to Amazon FBA quickly and cheaply?

Shipping and logistics will likely be one of your biggest, if not the biggest, costs when importing. We'll show you the hacks we use to ship direct to Amazon FBA warehouses saving time and money. We'll show you strategies to ship to fewer Amazon FBA warehouses and how to ship direct from China to FBA warehouses saving you time and money. These lessons alone will pay for your cost of the course many times over.

Mentorship from Two Multi-Million Dollar Sellers

How often has your great business idea been stopped dead in its tracks because of one question you didn't know the answer to? Mike and Dave will make sure that never happens again by providing unlimited 1 on 1 access to help answer any questions you might have.

Members Testimonials

"This is an awesome course if you want detailed steps and support on how to import your own products. Dave and Mike provide feedback on your ideas which is incredibly valuable not only for their expertise but to help confirm that you are on the right path when you start having doubts."
Jason Bradley - Crew Member

"Dave and Mike share everything from picking a profitable product, negotiation with suppliers to all the shipping and logistics details you will need to receive your goods. Get this course if you are serious about building your brand."
Abthony N. - Crew Member

"I purchased this course as I didn't really have any experience of eCommerce or importing. What I found was a very comprehensive 'tell it like it is' guide. I'd definitely recommend this course for anyone considering starting an eCommerce business. "
Irene M. - Crew Member

"By far, the best importing course I've come across..."

Casey Reep - New Importer


Here is what you get in this course

After signing up you get instant access to all the following:

The Secrets to Getting Low MOQs
Spend less money on your first order by learning how we get lower minimum order quantities from Suppliers. 

Five Negotiation Hacks to Get Lower Prices 
Learn how we save thousands of dollars each order with our proven negotiation tactics with Suppliers. 

Where to Find Suppliers Outside of Alibaba
The best Suppliers aren't on Alibaba. Find out where they are.

Ship Your Products Cheaper & Quicker than the Competition
Save thousands of dollars on sea and air shipping with our tested shipping strategies (hint: you're almost certainly paying too much on shipping).  

Vetted Vendors List
Get access to our exclusive list of dozens of vetted freight forwarders, 3PLs, customs brokers, accountants, lawyers and more.

Develop Killer Packaging
Learn the exact step by step process to develop killer packaging including boxes, inserts, instructions, and more.

Unlimited Email Access to Mike & Dave
Have a question before pulling the trigger on your first order? Want to run a product idea by us? Get answers to any questions you have. 

Behind the Scenes View of Our Brands
See real examples from our product brands that you  can apply to your own brand.

15+ Videos
Get immediate access to hours of videos that walk you through every step of the way.

70+ Page Course Materials & eBook
Download our free written course material and eBook that you can reference and read at your leisure.

Free MyEcomCrew Access
Get free access to MyEcomCrew with hours of bonus videos, dozens of PDFs, and more.

You Get Everything You Need to Start Importing for Just $497

Frequent Questions

It might not sound easy, but let the entire EcomCrew help you.


What makes your course different than everyone else?

Our course focuses on building a long-term, sustainable ecommerce business. This doesn't mean digging through Amazon research tools and looking for short-term "China arbitrage" opportunities. It means building a kick ass, defensible product brand.

Do I get private access to Mike and Dave?

Yes! One of the most important things we want to offer students is someone to reach out to when you're presented with hurdles. We offer unlimited email support with any questions you have when building your brand.

I'm not from America, can I still import into America?

Absolutely. Importing into America is easy as a non-American (even without a U.S. business). We'll show you exactly how. 

How much do I need to start importing?

We've tailored the course to keep in mind some people are starting with $2500 and some people are starting with $250,000. You can start applying the things you learn with just a few hundred dollars but we believe $2500 is a good minimum starting budget.

Isn't it too late to start importing from China?

Not even close. Dave and Mike openly share with you each week on EcomCrew how they continue to import dozens of new products a year. We'll show you the exact strategies we use.

Who is the EcomCrew?

Dave and Mike are die hard product and Amazon enthusiasts. Each year they sell millions of dollars worth of product and share their journey openly and candidly each week through the EcomCrew podcast and blog.


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