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The Roundup is a weekly recap of all the latest content from the EcomCrew Blog and Podcast, our upcoming events, as well as the latest offerings from our trusted collaborators.

It goes out every Tuesday and serves as a weekly update of what’s new in our ever growing community.

Crew Review

The Crew Review is a curated, weekly rundown of the latest headlines in the world of ecommerce—from breaking industry news to the latest Amazon policy updates.

It goes out every Thursday and gives our subscribers a one-stop resource for the latest news affecting their businesses.

Our Readers 

Our subscribers consist of over 10K entrepreneurs, including online and offline sellers, retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers, roughly 80% of whom are based in the United States. 

Every week, they read about the biggest stories in the ecommerce industry from our emails, to which we add our own unique flair for an engaging read.

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