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One of the greatest values we want EcomCrew Premium to offer you is the ability to reach out to us privately with any questions you have. We know mentorship is one of the biggest things that can contribute to the success of a new business.

Simply use the Premium Members Question Form. If you would like to speak to one of us in particular, please make note of that in your email message otherwise your email will be randomly assigned to either of us.

Email Question Guidelines

We have a few guidelines for asking questions:

  1. If your question is of the general variety and not specific/private to your business, i.e. an Amazon labeling question/3PL recommendation/etc., consider asking your question either in our Facebook Group or through one of our webinars. This allows most people to benefit from your question and our answer.

  2. Please list your questions in point form and use question marks. Don't make us try to guess what you're asking :)

  3. Please please do not ask for product ideas. Great products are going to be reflected best by your ambition and background, not our advice. However, we do encourage you to email us some of your product ideas and we can help identify any potential pitfalls.

  4. Once again, remember, we are not Lawyers, Accountants, Customs Brokers, and/or Freight Forwarders. We can share our experiences but we can't give you specific advice for many of the topics covered by the experts mentioned above.

Canceling your Subscription

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